ECU Remapping software
Modern and convenient software for editing vehicle firmware


View and analyze vehicle firmware settings with ECULite. The program will help enthusiasts and students to study and change the characteristics of the car.


We are working daily to expand the capabilities and range of modules
  • UI
    Native interface with the ability to display calibrations in the form of tables, 3D and 2D graphs
  • Convenience
    Editing calibrations, setting the absolute value and changing the percentage
  • Visualization
    Display error mask and calibration constants. Modular design of calibration description cards
  • Advanced Search
    The function of searching for the required calibration by any match in the name of the calibration
  • A/B Test
    The function of comparing two firmwares with the ability to copy calibrations from the compared file
  • Export Differences
    The function of exporting differences between compared files to text for further analysis of the made changes
Edit firmware
Additional modules for editing the DTC error mask allow not only turning off the error code, but also turn on the diagnostic code back into the system.
All modules
All possible settings
In the editor are available: calibrations of the ignition timing (IGT), mixture composition tables, throttle characteristics, table of optimal torque, torque request, etc.
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